2024 Cemetery Regulations

SMHOC Cemetery prices – Effective 07/01/2022

24588 County Road 7
St. Augusta, MN 56301
General Cemetery Rules:

The cemetery is open from sunrise to sunset year-round.

We are a Christian Cemetery.

We do not accept Alkaline Hydrolysis, Human Composting, or Green Burials.

Burial permit is required.

Title holder will need to sign off on Cemetery Regulations

Lots, niches, and crypts will be bought back by the cemetery committee at the price purchased, less the cost of a name plate. Lot holders cannot re-sell or give their lot to anyone other than back to the cemetery committee.

If you are wishing for your loved one to be buried on top of another person, the family will have to sign off/give written permission to allow that to occur.

St. Mary Help of Christians Parish & St. Mary Help of Christians Cemetery is not responsible for damage to monuments and/or markers due to acts of others or natural causes.

No animal of any kind will be allowed burial in the cemetery.

No animals are allowed in the cemetery.

Please take all debris with you when you leave the cemetery.
Burial Regulations:

No personal mausoleums are allowed.

A vault is required for all ground burials unless there is a non-deteriorating urn for a cremation.

Two cremations may be buried on one lot, but only one marker is allowed.

One cremation, along with one ground burial may be in the same lot.

One casket or one cremation urn may be placed in the mausoleum.

Cremation burials must be in a non-deteriorating container.
Monuments and Markers:

No marker or monument can be set until the lot is paid for in full.

No benches are allowed.

All monuments and markers are encouraged to have a religious emblem.

All monuments and markers must be approved by management.

Management must be notified before placement of monument or marker to ensure proper installation.

The monument’s height is 32 inches maximum and the foundation for a single plot is 48 inches maximum. You must have 5 inches on all sides of the base.

Flowers are permitted by the monument or marker from May 20th through June 15th. After June 15th, items will be removed unless attached to the monument.

No items may be attached to the mausoleum or columbarium at any time. Items may be placed around the mausoleum or columbarium from May 20th through June 15th. After June 15th, items will be removed.

A single post flower stand or shepherd hook are permitted in line with the monument. Single post flower stands, and shepherd hooks not being used will be removed.

No planting is permitted on any grave.

No glass or marbles are allowed.

The cemetery management has the right to remove any item from the cemetery and to make changes without notice. The cemetery management disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage beyond its reasonable control. The cemetery through its management reserves the right at any time and from time to time to change, amend, alter, repeal, rescind, or add to these rules and regulations or any part thereof or to adopt any new rules or regulations with respect to the cemetery.

Cemetery Board Chair, Jerry Koltes

If you have any questions regarding our cemetery, please contact Jerry Koltes.

Home phone 320-252-1354