Home and School

Purpose of the Home and School Association:

To promote a better understanding of the values of Catholic Education.
To acquaint the parents with curriculum and other activities of the school.
To develop a better understanding of the responsibilities of students, parents, and teachers.
To encourage cooperation and socializing between parents and teachers.
To encourage involvement of parents in activities, fund raising and social functions of the school.

Home & School Officers:
President: Presides at the Executive and General meetings.
Is informed of all Association functions.
Performs such duties that are incumbent of this office.
Authorized to write checks for payment of Association bills.
Vice-President: Assumes the duties of the President in his/her absence.
Performs additional duties designated by the President.
Treasurer: Handles all financial obligations of the organization.
Responsible for handling the check book and providing a financial statement at meetings.
Authorized to write checks for payment of association bills.
Performs additional duties designated by the president.
Secretary: Records and makes available to all members, if so interested, copies of the minutes of all general meetings, after being approved by the President.
Maintains a current file of reports, records, and correspondence of the Association.
Performs additional duties designated by the President.
Room Parents: Each grade shall have a lead and assistant room parent.
Each grade is then assigned one event during the year that the room parents are responsible for coordinating.
RAISERIGHT: Organizes Raiseright program and handles all reorders.
Distributes payments to appropriate families and organizations.
Other: Other committees or Chairs as required or deemed necessary throughout the year (i.e. Work-a-thon Chair, Harvest Celebration Chair, etc).

Home and School Association Officers
President – Molly Windfeldt
Vice-President – Kayla Bruggeman
Treasurer – Kristina Billig
Secretary – Kristi Moulzolf

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