Preschool – Mrs. Tracy Yarke, Mrs. Mary Laudenbach

Welcome to Preschool!

St. Mary Help of Christians Preschool opened in September 2013.   The program serves children ages 3-5.  Class periods are from 8:00-11:30 a.m.  There are two experienced teachers on staff for the preschool program.

A typical day for the children will mostly consist of a large uninterrupted child-led work period.  Early childhood theorists Jean Piaget and Maria Montessori recognized the importance of a long work period.   It allows children to develop their concentration, engage in social interaction, master skills and techniques, and promote independence.  During this time, the children will choose activities from the prepared environment that interest them – science, language, math, sensorial, practical life, art, geography / culture, and reading corner.  The activities of the environment will promote the whole development of the child – physical, intellectual, language, emotional, and social development.

During this work period, snack will be available for 2-

4 children at a time.   The children will be able to choose if and when they have snack.   Snack is a social time where the children will serve themselves, visit with friends, and clean up.

At the close of the day, we will spend the last 15-30 minutes of class for group time or outside time.  During this time, we will read books and Bible stories, sing songs, learn finger plays and poems, and to large motor activities.   When we go outside, we will go on nature walks, do obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, sidewalk chalk, etc.

Our goal is to help children to develop confidence, competence, creativity, social skills and eagerness to learn in a Christian atmosphere.

Please contact our principal, Kelly Kirks, for more information. or call the pre-school at 320.259.8819