1st Grade – Ms. Sarah Neu

Welcome to First Grade at St. Mary Help of Christians School! This will be a very busy year in the life of your children. They will grow by leaps and bounds, both physically and academically. I am looking forward to an exciting year filled with many surprises and new experiences.

What We Learn

  • Language Arts: We will practice reading many different forms of literature. Some of the skills we will work on are: making predictions, retelling stories, sequencing events, and becoming fluent readers. We will also develop an extensive sight word list.
  • Math: We will learn many new games to reinforce the skills we develop in first grade. We will learn about addition, subtraction, place value, patterns, two and three dimensional shapes, fractions, money, and time.
  • Religion: Your child will have many opportunities to experience God’s love. We will discover the many times we come face to face with God, learn to recognize God in unexpected places, as well as learn about the Catholic faith. Each day will begin with a combination of traditional and spontaneous prayer to express our gratitude and needs.
  • Social: We explore our world, beginning with our families and neighborhoods, and expanding to the broader world.
  • Science: We will do many fun activities that will help us learn about the weather, air, and plant life. We will learn about how things move and why they balance.

Other Things to Know

  • Please check your child’s home folder each day for notes and classroom information. Asking your child about the contents of the folder is a great way to learn about their day and increase verbal skills.
  • Reading at home is an important part of helping your child become the best reader he or she can be. Students will be expected to read daily and use the Accelerated Reader program at school to check comprehension skills.
  • Newsletters will be sent home monthly.
  • Library: We will visit the library once a week where students will check out books.
  • Music: The students will enjoy music class twice each week and music will be used within the classroom to enhance our learning.
  • Physical Education: Students will participate in phy ed twice a week. Please help your child remember to wear or bring tennis shoes on these days.
  • Computer: Students will have computer class two days per week and technology will be used within the classroom as well.
  • Mass: The students will attend mass once a week and our class will be responsible for planning and helping at the mass periodically throughout the year. Dates for our masses will be in the classroom newsletter.

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