2nd Grade – Ms. Madison Ressemann

Welcome to 2nd Grade at SMHOCS! 

2nd grade is a year of growth and emerging independence. My priorities for my students include academic curriculum such as reading, math, writing, religion, science, and social studies. It is also a goal of mine for each student to grow socially and emotionally. I hope to create an environment where this is the norm by consistently teaching about integrity, teamwork, respect, and responsibility.Academic highlights in 2nd grade:

  • 2 and 3 digit addition and subtraction 
  • 2D and 3D shape projects 
  • Using games as a way to reinforce new math concepts 
  • Learning cursive handwriting
  • Animal research report
  • President research report 
  • Receiving their First Reconciliation 
  • Receiving the First Communion
  • Balance and Motion science unit, which ends in a mini golf course set up around our classroom! 
  • Learning about different types of communities and how goods and services are produced and contribute to our communities 

Other Things To Note:

  • Your child should bring their home folder to and from school each day. You should go through this together each night as this is where they will bring home all corrected work and homework. Asking your child about the contents of the folder is a great way to learn about their day and work on oral communication skills. 
  • We will go to mass each week on Thursday at 8 am. 2nd grade is in charge of leading various masses throughout the school year. More information will be sent home in their home folder closer to these dates. 
  • Students will go to the library each week on Tuesdays. Please make sure your student has their library books in their backpack on Monday nights. 
  • We have music, physical education, and computer twice a week, and art once a week. For PE days (Mon/Wed) please make sure your student has tennis shoes. 

Feel free to connect with me at mressemann@smhocs.org with any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas! I am so excited to get to know each of my students, and grow with them this upcoming school year!